You've reached the not-so-dark-or-evil laboratory of cL. Please do not be alarmed if you see rabbits giving speeches on Pluto. This is an uncontrolled psycholinguistics experiment funded by a broke student who enjoys 3.141592 Day but is unfortunately a bit biased toward cheesecake.

I spilt a love potion into the clouds today.

I am a bit nervous as to what its effects will be when it rains down, because the formula had not been perfected yet. My anxiety may also stem from the fact that I am not a chemist, but you did not have to know that...

What you may want to know is that I am cL, sometimes known colloquially known as Caroline, and that I am a freelance web designer. cloudscape; is where I experiment with web and graphic design...and with whatever else that happens to land in the clouds while I am there. Consequently, this is not a portfolio site in the traditional sense, so feel free to just click around and enjoy whatever you happen to chance upon.